We Believe Every Move Deserves Great Care


It is never an easy task when it comes to moving house, an office, bulk disposal, bulk storage or even for delicate musical instruments move such as piano or organ.  Indeed, we understand all the pain, frustrations and confusions relating to the move.  If you are to do all the tasks all on your own, it can be daunting and overwhelming.

Our Mission
SG Fast Movers aims to provide affordable moving services to not only for individuals or homes but also to companies or office with moving service needs.  We are known to be a cheap, best and reliable house mover source in Singapore.  Clients who are looking for budget movers also come to us due to our low pricing and good service. Our team of moving specialists are professionally trained, experienced and equipped with the skills to handle the moving for you.

Our Goals
It is our goal to offer the best moving service to the market.

What We Offer
Residential house move, commercial office move, apartment move, furniture move, office bulky item relocation (such as filing cabinets, photocopier, etc) are some of the services that we offer.   If you require assistance in moving individual delicate items such as a safe, grand piano, electronic and upright piano, etc  let us assist you with the move.

Bulk disposal of big bulky items and bulk storage services are the other common services that our clients come to us.  That is due to our professionalism in handling disposals according to Environmental Health Regulations and Requirements.  We collect the waste materials and send them to the approved dumping sites for the disposal.  For bulk storage, you can have complete rest of mind when you engage our remote storage solutions as clients are allocated individual storage space with lock and key. There is 24 x7 hrs surveillance for the entire premise.

We would gladly work out a schedule that would fit their needs.  Our rates are attractive and affordable.  Rest assured that you are in good hands when you entrust your moving needs to our company.

For any of your moving needs, do not hesitate to consult us to discuss your needs.  Speak with us or write to us for a free quotation.

Residential House Move

Do you need to shift your house?  We provide home moving services for entire house, single apartment or one room moving also. Free packing boxes for your use for big moves.  We offer affordable and competitive pricing for our house moving services.

Email SG Fast Movers at enquiry@sgfastmovers.com for free house moving quote.


Commercial Office Move

We are one of the best office moving companies in Singapore.  We provide entire office moving services or even a small part of the office. Free packing boxes for your use.  Commercial and office move involves good planning, project management and move execution.  We can assist you in these tasks.  Such tasks typically includes disassembling and assembling office furniture, cabling and network infrastructure relocation planning activities, packing and unpacking of, document moving, cabling setup, etc ,  In addition, we also offer a free pre-move site inspection cum survey and quotes with no obligation.

Email SG Fast Movers at enquiry@sgfastmovers.com  for office relocation needs.


International House Move and Relocation

Planning to move to another country and require assistance?  We provide international relocation service regardless of where you are relocating to in the world.

Email SG Fast Movers at enquiry@sgfastmovers.com for international moving services inquiries



Piano and Organ Move

Piano and organ moving are delicate instruments that need extra care when you need to move them.  We specialize in moving grand piano, upright piano and baby piano.  We provide proper materials to wrap your piano or organ before the move to protect them against any damage or scratches during the move.  Our movers have seasoned moving skills to see to the safe delivery of the piano or organ.

Email SG Fast Movers at enquiry@sgfastmovers.com for your piano or organ moving services.


Safe Move

Safes and vaults moving require a team of experts to move due to its size and weight.  There are techniques involved in carrying them to ensure that the locking system remains intact and workable after the move.  We provide proper materials to wrap your safe before the move to protect them against any damage or scratches during the move.  Our movers have seasoned moving skills to see to the safe delivery of the safe.

Email SG Fast Movers at enquiry@sgfastmovers.com for your safe moving services.

Bulk Disposal

Do you need to remove and dispose bulky items such as old furniture disposal, waste material, pool table, lightbox, office partitions, Jacuzzi, etc? Our team are highly experienced and knows exactly what is required to dispose these items according to the strict government regulations.  We provide proper bulk disposal service.  Our movers have seasoned skills to see to the safe removal and disposal of your unwanted bulky items.

Email SG Fast Movers at enquiry@sgfastmovers.com for a free onsite inspection for disposal services.



End of Tenancy Moving

We handle your concerns on end of tenancy moving so that you can have a hassle free move to a new home without having to worry about not missing out on any details on the move.  If you require any other related services to moving out such as end of tenancy cleaning, repainting works or reinstatement of fixtures, we have them available for you too.

Email SG Fast Movers at enquiry@sgfastmovers.com for your end of tenancy moving services inquiries.


Packing and Unpacking

Do you need packing and unpacking services before and after the move? Save up more time for yourself.  It is indeed time consuming to pack and unpack.  We do offer complete or partial packing and unpacking services to your preference.

Email SG Fast Movers at enquiry@sgfastmovers.com for your packing and unpacking services.

Bulk Storage

Need extra space for your furniture, mattress, musical instruments or any personal belongings which you do not need them currently? Or you are temporary relocating to overseas for assignment or studies for which you do not want to bring the bulky items along?  Consider our affordable and efficient Storage Solutions.

Email SG Fast Movers at enquiry@sgfastmovers.com for your storage requirements needs.

IT/Data Centre Relocation

IT Relocation, Servers and Data Centre Moves are highly complex and resource consuming activities that require careful planning and execution.  We can assist you from the planning stage through to execution and post moving support.
Email SG Fast Movers at enquiry@sgfastmovers.com for your IT relocation inquiries.


Document Moving / Storage

We treat your documents with high confidentiality.  Look to us for your document moving needs.  If you are looking for contract moving, talk to us.  We also provide document storage solutions if you are looking for one. Our storage solutions are flexible and caters for both short term and long term.


Lorry Transport

DIY move for your household or office without movers but only a lorry and driver?  We have various sized lorry to fit your DIY move.

Email SG Fast Movers at enquiry@sgfastmovers.com for your lorry transport needs.





Very good service and professional job. The team keep me informed on the progress of the move. Well done. Would definitely recommend to others.

Jamica Sim

Ang Mo Kio, Singapore

The team is polite, helpful and efficient. They called to inform that there was a jam. However, despite the jam the job was completed efficiently and smoothly.

Thomas Soh

River Valley, Singapore

Great job and well done! Everything nicely packed, wrapped and protected from damage throughout the move.  The team even provided useful advice to us on how to minimize damage to our new house floor by suggesting that we install rollers on some of our furniture.

Elvis Seow

Woodlands, Singapore

Competitive price & efficient. Will use them again for next move.

Kelver Choo

Serangoon North, Singapore

Hassle-free, quick & efficient. Nice bunch of guys, they packed everything carefully, and delivered my stuff to my new office.  The team went the extra mile to assist us with the unpacking due to shortage of time at no added costs. Highly recommended.

Douglous Yong

Jurong East, Sabah

Owner had worked for more than 10 yrs in this industry so he’s very experienced. Overall, he and his team did a great job.

Silvia Lim

Paya Lebar, Singapore