Moving for End of Tenancy

Single Room Apartment or Entire Apartment Moves

End of Tenancy Moving Singapore


As foreign expatriates staying in Singapore on rental properties, it can be a great headache when it comes to the end of tenancy where you would need to move from one apartment or one house to another at another location.

Moving preparation itself entails planning, packing and unpacking and apart from that you would also need to take care of the house moving cleaning as well since you need to hand over the unit to the landlord upon lease expire.   Let our professionals help you to make the end of tenancy moving out a more pleasurable experience.

End of tenancy house moving or end of tenancy apartment moving prices varies according to the size of the house, location, no of items and any need for climbing of steps (particularly for landed properties).

General end of tenancy house moving typically includes below items:

  • Personal Items – Clothing, Books
  • Cabinets, Racks, Boxes
  • Bulky items – Sofa, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Dryer, Oven, Sound System, Display Shelves
  • Bedframe, Mattress
  • Musical instruments such as piano or organ

We have tenants located in various parts of Singapore who require moving services due to expiry of their tenancy agreement.  Some of them stay in HDB Flats and moving to another flat at another locality; while others are moving from one private condominium to another private property.  We also have tenants moving from a private home property to a landed house.   We have also provided end of tenancy moving services for tenants moving to SOHO (Small Office Home Office) apartments or Studio apartments.

Do not under-estimate the efforts for an end of tenancy move, as it can be both intensive and time sensitive.  Reason being, you could have agreed with the landlord on a date for the unit handover and you would need to plan and arrange for your move . By then, all your personal belongings and furniture would need to be cleared by then.  You may hurt your back if you intend to do the move all by yourself.  You would at least require a helper to assist on the move.


Optional Services
Moving out from a rented unit or home requires the tenant to also ensure that the house is in good and clean condition before the unit can be handed over to the owner.  These are some useful services that you may consider while engaging our end of tenancy moving services:

  • End of Tenancy Cleaning Services
  • Air-condition servicing
  • Painting works
  • Re-instatement of fixtures, if any
  • Floor polishing
  • Floor retiling
  • Floor grouting
  • Handyman repair works for doors, door knobs, lighting issues, toilet bowl replacement, and water heater repair services, etc.

If you would like to consider this as an all-in-one option, we can include them as part of the total cost.   You may treat this as a one stop solution for your moving out needs:

Should you require advice on restoration of furniture and fixtures to its original state, we have a separate internal team to advise you on what is needed to do so and the restoration costs.

Upon moving to the new location, should you require our team to assist with the unpacking, we are also able to assist you too.  Let us know in advance your requirements for the move and we will provide you the quotes for the service.  Contact us for a non-obligatory advice on the cost for the end of tenancy move. 

Why Choose SG Fast Movers Singapore

Our team of professional experts have accumulated years of experience doing various types of moving.  We know what to look out for not just only for standard moving services but also for end of tenancy moving services.  Landlords do have expectations for the house to be restored to its original state and we can assist you on the process.  Let us help you to facilitate a smooth handover upon expiry of your lease.