Tips for Moving Pool Table


Have you moved a pool table before?  If you have not, then we would like to share these few tips with you.

Moving a pool table is different from moving a normal big table where you can just pick it up and then move it. You would need to take it apart carefully.  After the whole table is taken apart, you can then move the pieces individually.  Once these are brought to the new location, you may then carefully assemble them back together again.

Be careful of the slate in the interior of the top.  This is the piece that adds weight to the entire table.  Different pool table comes with different no of pieces of slate.   Some slate can weigh more than 40 kg per piece; which means you would need more than one person to move the pool table.

To prevent hurting your back and to ensure that the pool table is moved properly without causing damage to it, it is best to dismantle the table completely.  Next step is to organize the dismantled pool tale pieces, move them to the desired location and then reassemble it in the new location.