Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) / Moving Tips



How does SG Fast Movers work?

SG Fast Movers provide an online platform for clients to inquire moving needs and we connect our team of trusted professional moving specialists to meet your needs.  You can book with us and we will help in matching the most suitable moving company at a price most affordable to you.

Residential Moving and House Moving Service Related Questions

What do I need to prepare for before the move? Do you have any moving tips?

  1. Pack your belongings according to how it is to be moved to the new house.  You may pack them into boxes according to the rooms and then mark the boxes according to the designated location.  Make an inventory of your items which require moving.
  2. We do provide boxes for your packing. Do make use of the packing boxes to pack your belongings and items.
  3. If you have valuables, you may want to place them into smaller box where you can safe keep them separately from the other boxes.
  4. Should there be heavy items, always arrange the heavier items separately from the lighter ones. Stack the heavier boxed items at the bottom and the lighter ones on top.  Do keep the load of each box to 25kg for convenient moving.
  5. Remember to tape the boxes to secure them in order to prevent items from dropping out during the move.
  6. For moving of electrical items, appliances and household items do ensure that these are thoroughly kept dry before the move. These refer to items such as Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Pails, Water Hose, Dryer, etc.  Reduce the humidity of the refrigerator by keeping the doors of the refrigerator opened for a few hours before cleaning.  Disconnect the refrigerator and washing machine from power point.
  7. If there are any fragile or delicate items, you may want to protect them with newspaper and then cushion them using bubble wraps or towels (if you do not have the bubble wraps). To minimize movement, fill the gaps with newspapers.   Remember to label the boxes with ‘FRAGILE’ sign for boxes containing fragile or delicate items.
  8. You may want to pack sharp edged items such as knives, scissors, blades, etc into separate boxes for security and easy identification purpose after the move. Cover them with foam or cupboard if required.
  9. For corrosive and volatile chemicals such as kerosene, vegetable oils, bleaching agent, gasoline, etc, you may want to dispose them off as these items cannot be transported for vehicle safety precautions reasons.
  10. Books, manuals and documents are considered heavy items. Do ensure that the weight per box does not exceed 25kg to facilitate ease of moving on the actual moving day.
  11. If there are any food items or liquid items, do ensure that they are being sealed up before the move.
  12. Ensure that the refrigerator is all emptied, defrosted and cleaned before the move.
  13. You may also want to inform organisations and companies of the address change so that new mails gets sent to the new mailing address
  14. Notify authorities such as utility company, phone company, etc to terminate utilities and telephone lines.
Commercial Moving Related Questions

What do I need to prepare for before the move? Do you have any moving tips?

  1. Planning is one key consideration for any successful office moving initiative. The move can involve an entire office move or a small section of an office.  It may involve a single unit in a building or a few units spanning across an entire office floor or a few floors in an office building.  You would need to plan thoroughly before any actual office move takes place.  You can take care of the planning itself or alternatively, you may engage our trusted team of professional moving specialists in the planning phase of the move.
  2. Office staff would need to ensure that they pack all their belongings into the packing boxes which will be provided days ahead of the moving date. Packing labels are provided for them to label the boxes with their name, department and the designated office level with floor, unit no and desk no, if available.
  3. If the staff has pedestal, they are required to empty everything into boxes. Make sure that the pedestals are locked to prevent movement during transport.
  4. Dismantle all phones and bundle all phone cables to be ready for the move.
  5. These following services will be provided by us:
    1. Dismantling and re-assembling of office furniture. This includes modular office furniture.
    2. Disconnecting and reconnecting the computer desktops.
  6. The following materials will be provided by us for the move:
    1. Packing boxes, masking tapes and sticker labels
    2. Bubble wraps, if required for protection of delicate furniture

How will our furniture be protected during the move?
All trucks have moving pads lined to protect the furniture during transportation.  If required, we line the furniture with bubble wraps before moving them.

Are our items insured for the move?
No, the move does not include insurance coverage for the items.  As a company, you may purchase your own insurance protection plan for your items that are being relocated.

Do you offer free site survey before the booking?

Yes, our moving specialists do offer site surveys for disposal jobs for free and with no added costs to you.  The purpose of the site survey is for us to ascertain the size and extent of the disposal and to provide you the cost estimation.  This will then help you in your decision before you engage our services.

How can I engage your services?

You may either contact us via the contact no given or you may drop us your inquiry by completing the enquiry or contact us form.   We will send you an acknowledgement email directly upon receiving your inquiry request.  Normally, we will provide a callback within 3 working days to identify in greater detail your moving needs.  Depending on the complexity of the move, if required, we may arrange for our moving specialist to go down to your location for a complimentary consultation.

Should you decide to use our moving service, we will then provide you a confirmation email with an invoice attached.   The invoice will be sent to you 2-3 days after your confirmation booking.

Full upfront payment is required to facilitate the booking arrangements.

Can my booking be cancelled after confirmation?

Cancellation of booking appointment is allowed up to 7 days before the scheduled date of moving.  Payment will be refunded after netting off $10 for admin charges.  Any such requests received in less than 7 days before the scheduled move date will be subject to review and agreement at our end.  Failing to agree on a common rescheduled move date which, refund will be processed after netting off 30% of the total paid moving charges.

Can I make changes after the booking?

Yes, you may amend your booking date or moving date up to 7 days before the move, subject to our movers’ availability.  Any amendment less than 7 days before the scheduled move date, will incur cancellation cost of 30% of the total paid moving charges in the event that both parties are unable to arrive at a common agreed reschedule date.

What are the payment modes?

We accept bank transfer payments.  Full upfront payment is required for the booking arrangements.