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Move Anything – Equipment, Cabinet, Modular Office Furniture, etc

Commercial Office Move Singapore


We offer commercial move for any form of office and commercial settings.  It can be it a commercial office unit or retail shopping unit or entire floor of a Tower Block in an office building, shop house, food stall, a unit in industrial estate, or even a part of a bigger office setting, warehouse moving,  etc.

Shifting offices can be stressful especially when you do not have the appropriate knowledge, planning skills and experience.  Let our team of experienced movers help you with the move from the planning stage to the actual move.

Our commercial office relocation services includes cupboards, filing cabinets, office desks, office furniture, office chairs, office safe, documents, photocopier machines, office partitions, etc.   We also provide office furniture removal as an optional service in case you require them.

If you do not have resources to compile an inventory of the items to be moved, we can provide you the assistance on this.  Our team will do a pre-survey of your existing premises with the office items that require move and provide advice on special requirements that you would take note of, if there are any.  Our team will also discuss and work out a move project plan jointly with you so as to facilitate smooth office relocation and to minimize disruption to your business operations.

Normally corporate relocation move entails packing, dissembling, moving, assembling and unpacking.  Should you require resources to help to dissemble the office furniture such as partitions before the move and to reassemble them thereafter, we are able to provide them at affordable prices.  You will have all furniture relocated to the new premises with everything setup for the company when they resume work after the weekend shift.

In the event that you prefer to take charge of the entire move planning, we can provide you general pointers and checklist to assist you in checking for completeness.

Talk to us about your commercial move.  Being an office moving company, our professional team of experts will be able to assist you on all that are required for your office relocation efficiently.

Contact us for a free quotation on the commercial office moving cost and we will be happy to assist you.