IT Server Relocation / Data Centre Moves


IT moving or relocation as the term suggests is about moving IT related equipment.  It encompasses IT infrastructure components such as servers, racks, network equipment, computer desktops, printers, telephony equipment, telephones, switchboards, screen monitors, hubs, routers and switches, etc.   Our services also include the moving of  data centres.

A lot of careful planning need to be done prior to the move to ensure that the end to end execution of the move will not lead to delays as IT relocation impacts the organisation’s business directly.   IT equipment are highly delicate in nature; hence they must be handled with utmost care and handling to prevent damage.

We help you to minimize your downtime so that your servers can be up and running after the move.  Your system and data are available as per normal once our team completes the move.

IT Relocation typically involves some of the following components for which careful planning is required for a successful move:

  • IT network tear down and setup
  • Hardware and software inventory tracking
  • Video conferencing facility setup
  • Door entry security system setup
  • PABX system setup
  • Desktop equipment redeployment after the move
  • Installation of PC, printers, etc
  • Voice Over Internet Proxy Direct Call Service (VOIP)

Choosing the Right Partner for your IT Infrastructure Moves

Trained Team
We have a team of highly trained and skilled professional movers who knows how to handle your IT equipment with great care. They are familiar with move procedures associated with data centre moving.

Equipment Care
Rest assured that the IT servers and equipment are properly packed and wrapped with quality packing materials to act as shock absorber and to protect your IT assets with insurance coverage for every move.

Fast and Efficient
We will have a team leader to work alongside with you on the IT data centre move or IT relocation.  Knowing that IT data centres work on a 24 x 7 schedule, we can accommodate the move according to your schedule.   Normally, IT moves are planned on weekends due to low transactional activities, lesser interruptions from user groups and greater threshold for system downtime.   It gives the company more time to test connectivity and confirm that the systems continue to run normally after the move.  Our team will help you to achieve this goal.

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