Tips for Packing and Unpacking


Packing and unpacking may seem simple but it is a task that requires lots of planning and organizational skills.  You may consider these following tips to help you manage your move and to make it efficient and stress free.

Schedule Packing Time

Usually packing will take longer hours than expected as you need to run through every item and to determine if you would still need them before discarding them away.  Packing takes hours as you would need to run through your items, sort them before placing them into the boxes.  You may start the packing process several weeks ahead of the actual move.

Prioritize Your Packing

Items that are not used immediately should all be packed into boxes first.  Leave your most used items the last to be packed in.  Items such as decorations, books, old shoes, less frequently used clothings, linens, etc should be packed in as early as possible.

Get Box Suppliers Source

Before the packing process starts, make sure that you have gotten your boxes supply source confirmed with price negotiated and with a definite time set for delivery to your house before the packing begins.  If you prefer not to purchase the boxes, you may either check with your mover if they provide packing boxes for free or if it is possible to rent these boxes from them.  Alternatively, you may want to start collecting recycled boxes for your packing.   This process would usually take some time; so do start early if you plan to use your own boxes for the packing.

Label Boxes

Make sure that you have labels and markers ready which you would need to use after packing items into the boxes.  Label boxes by the rooms and places in the house which they belong to.  This will help reduce the time for unpacking later.  Should there be fragile items, do label these as ‘FRAGILE’.  Make sure that you mark both sides of the boxes to facilitate easy reference later.

Heavy Items

Put heavier items into smaller boxes instead of big boxes.    This will ensure durability of the boxes as packing heavy items into a big box will lead to weight imbalance and will easily damage the box.

Take Pics of Technical Setup

Should there be technical equipment like sound system or TV in the house, do ensure that you take a picture of the setup before you dismantle them.  This will help you to have a better reference point subsequently when you are in the new house and would need to setup the systems again.  The most time consuming and confusing part is trying to figure out the correct cabling and right sockets which each cable is supposed to be connected to.

We hope that these tips will be helpful guide for your packing.  Happy packing!