Piano And Organ Move Singapore


Your piano is an expensive and fragile piece of instrument.  Certainly, you would want to take good care of it especially when you need to relocate it.

Our team of professional piano movers are skilled in moving baby piano, upright piano and grand piano.  If you are looking for a company to help you move specific brands of piano such as Yamaha piano, Martin upright piano and so on, talk to us now.  We can provide you the advice and tips to move the piano in a safe and appropriate manner.

As pianos are expensive and costly, we employ specific equipment and right tools to ensure that the piano is properly balanced during the move and there is sufficient protection material for the piano’s bottom to protect it from scratches and damage due to the move.  For an upright piano move, we will use a locking piano belt to secure the instrument.   For a grand piano, two locking belts will be used instead of one only.   More than one person will be required for a piano move.  Piano tuning would be required even after the move.

Different piano types have different weight distributions.  Upright pianos are less heavy on the feet as compared to the top part.  Care has to be exercised on the feet as it is fragile.  Grand pianos are generally heavier on the length of the piece whereas the legs and other parts are lighter and can break if not properly handled during a move.  All these are taken care of by our professional team.

We also protect all edges of the piano with foam against scratches and scuffs.

For organs move, our team would also employ similar techniques and tools to ensure that you have your organ safely moved to the new location.

The cost of moving your piano or organ is different from the cost of moving items in the house due to the specific requirements and additional care needed for the move.  It encompasses factors such as distance of the move, accessibility to lifts, involvement of stairs, no. of movers, etc.  A small upright piano move costs could start as low as from $110 to $130 onwards but if there is involvement of stairs, the piano move cost can be around $200 and more, depending on the size of the upright piano, type of piano and the no of flight of steps.  Moving a concert grand piano could be around $1,200 and onwards.  Actual moving costs are subject to review.

In some instances, after the move you may also want to have the piano tuned.  We do offer piano tuning services or otherwise also known as piano tuner services from average pricing $70 – $80 for upright piano and $110 – $150 for grand piano.  Rescale charges will be higher.

Talk to us now for a free quotation and we will be happy to assist you with a piano move quote.

You may send us an email at at enquiry@sgfastmovers.com with picture of your piano or organ to get a quotation from us.  Do provide us the brand of the piano or organ in your email.