Document Moving and Document Storage Services

Treating Your Documents with Confidentiality

Document Moving and Document Storage Services


Your office documents grow over the days or months and for some companies over the years.  That is determined by the nature of your business and the kind of documents that you process from day to day.

Unfortunately, certain documents cannot be destroyed for many reasons.  It could be due to the company documents retention guidelines for which normal documents such as client correspondences, application filings, project files, bills, invoices, account payable ledgers, etc need to be on file and store for at least 5 years before they can be sent for destruction.

Similarly, there are highly classified documents as banking information, health records, legal information, survey statistics, etc that are classified as confidential documents which must be stored in lock and key conditions for at least 20 years and more before they can be destroyed.

However, there is only limited space for the office to retain these documents.  The only way is to transport or move these documents to offsite storage locations to pave way for new ones.

We are in this business long enough to provide document storage and mover services solutions.   Documents that are fully compliant with the min years of records retention, you may want to send them to disposal grounds for proper destruction.  Our team is trained to help you to track and document the files or items to be sent for disposal before executing the actual destruction.

For those which require offsite storage and safekeeping, we can assist you to move them to either your own document storage locations or alternatively, you may consider our storage sites if you do not have any.  In the latter case, label your boxes with an inventory of the files and documents before depositing them in our storage sites.

Your commercial documents will be handled with care as these will be handled with confidentiality.  Our team follow strict privacy policies and observe professional work ethics where document confidentiality is concerned.

If you require a long term contract for document moving for your company, we are happy to discuss and provide you our best rates.

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There is flexibility in planning and seeking document moving and storage solutions with us at SG Fast Movers.  You are not confined to one method of dealing with it but given a choice of options.  Write to us for a free quote at