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Safe Move Singapore


Safe are expensive and heavy assets. As such, you would want to exercise extreme care when you need to relocate your safe.   Moving a safe on your own can be both cumbersome, tiring and you may take the risk of damaging the safe in the process of moving especially for old vintage Safe.  You will require more than 2 persons to move the safe due to its size and weight.  If required, you would also need to employ moving trolleys or special carts with the move.

There are chances of hurting your back if you are not adequately equipped with the knowledge and skills of moving the safe.  We can free you from the risk of hurting your back in moving such heavy and bulky assets.  If you have an old vintage Safe, our professional team will take special care to ensure that there is a mechanical locking device to minimize damage to the safe.

If you have modern day safe or electronic digital safe with digital number panel that needs to be moved, our team is able to assist you on that too.  Your safe will be functional once it is delivered to the new location.

We can help you to avoid all the hassle.   Write to us today should you have any need in relocating your safe to another location and we will be most happy to assist you on the move.