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Need storage space?  That is very common especially for varied reasons such as you are downsizing from a bigger house to a smaller house.  So, your less used items would need to be stored away somewhere in order to have a comfortable home with less items.  Or perhaps, you are planning for a home renovation and would therefore need to move your furniture out of the way.  Or you may be going for an overseas assignment for a period of time for which you consider placing all your stuff into a storage space instead of bringing them abroad with you.

Whether you need storage solutions for long term or short term, we have it all for you.  Our solutions are cheap, customer friendly and efficient.   These are the reasons why you should engage our services:

  • Low cost: We provide affordable storage space for any length of time that you need at very affordable cost from as short as 6 months duration.  Placing them in warehouse can cost you lots of money.  Why not then consider our storage facilities?   You can have your things stored at our site for as low as less than $200 per month for 6 months storage period
  • Good Security: Secured storage space manned 24 x 7 with no public access. The storage facility are clean with regular maintenance so that you are assured that your items are in a secure and clean environment while you are away
  • Inventory Management: You can manage and view an inventory of all your stored items to help account for the items that are sent in for storage at our facilities.

We have different sized storage space to cater for your requirements.  This includes 15sqft, 60sqft, 90sqft, 150sqft to customized storage space that you need.

Short or Long Term Available

You may need the storage space only for a couple of months or for longer period of one year or two years.  Regardless of your needs, we have storage solutions for your needs.  These are suited for both residential and commercial as a solution to help keep your place neat and free of clutter.  Rest assured that your items are stored safely and securely with our facilities.  Our storage solutions are the cheap, best, reliable and affordable for your needs.

Come and explore our Storage Services and Solutions with us.

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Why Choose SG Fast Movers Singapore

We offer best rates in town for your storage considerations.  Let SG Fast Movers be your best preferred choice for your temporary warehouse storage in Singapore.