Packing and Unpacking Service 


One of the hassle of moving is packing and unpacking – which is both time consuming and resource intensive.  This applies to both residential house moving and office moving.  We are here to simplify the process for you and we are able to offer packing and unpacking services for the move.

Our professional movers are an experienced team who have the techniques and skills in handling packing and unpacking of voluminous items.  We have structured workflow in place to label the boxes according to the customer’s preference.  We use protective wraps to provide maximum protection to all the items in the move.  Different packing methods and materials are employed for different types of items.

For big bulky furniture such as display cabinets, wardrobes, furniture and so on where moving the entire items may not be cost effective and efficient, our experts would consult and agree with you before dismantling the fixtures to manageable units for the move.

Do note that we do not provide mover services for inflammables such as LPG.

Options for Consideration

We offer both complete packing option and partial packing option.

Complete Packing:
We pack everything you want to move.  Upon arrival at your residence or office, we will pack everything which you require moving.  Our packing boxes and packing materials will be available onsite to facilitate the move.

Partial Packing:
We leave the decision of what items you need to pack.  Normally, clients prefer to partial packing to be limited to a particular room or only for specific identified items or if not mainly kitchen.  You may set aside these items.  Upon our arrival, we will bring our packing supplies along and will pack accordingly.

Unpacking will be carried out according to the mode of packing that has been selected.  If the original request was for complete packing, then the unpacking will be for complete.  Similarly, if partial packing option was selected, then partial unpacking will be adopted.  We are also open to provide partial unpacking even though the complete packing was selected upfront.

Packing Materials and Supplies
We provide quality packing supplies which you would need in order to protect your items and furniture during the move.  These include:

  • Boxes – either new or recycled material
  • Labels
  • Bubble Wraps for fragile and glassware items
  • Sealing Tapes
  • Stretch Wraps

We can provide these packing materials and supplies that you need in order to protect your items from being damaged.
You may purchase these supplies from us if you intend to do the moving on your own,  ie. DIY packing and moving arrangements.

Contact us for your moving supplies or to place your order for a packing kit.