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Furniture Move Singapore


Do you have furniture which requires moving?  We at SG Fast Movers provide professional furniture shifting services which includes both old used furniture and new furniture.  We are here to help you to move or relocate your furniture from point to point.  Your furniture can range from small furniture, to heavy bulky furniture, long sofas, beds, king or queen mattresses, large heavy wardrobes and bed frames. Just a word of caution, moving heavy and bulky furniture may hurt or injure your back or leg if improper carrying techniques are adopted in carrying them.  It would be advisable to engage a professional team who is trained to manage such heavy and bulky moves.

To minimise scratches on the floor where appropriate, we do employ furniture casters to move heavy or bulky furniture.

In case you need to dispose your unwanted furniture, we do offer furniture removal services as well.   Our team will collect the furniture from your preferred location and bring them to the proper disposal ground.

Rest assured that we will help protect your furniture with blankets before the move.  By so doing, we prevent damages, scratches or dents to the furniture.  Let our furniture mover service team help you to take care of the risk of damaging your furniture or injuring your back if you were to do the shift on your own.

If you are a furniture company looking just for furniture transportation services, we do offer furniture transport as a service.  Our pricing goes according to the no of pieces of furniture you need to transport.  Cost will be advised according to the no of pieces of furniture required for the move.

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