Disposing Your Stuff in Singapore


Have big bulky furniture, fridge, TVs, pool tables, canopy tents and so on that needs disposal?  These are some useful pointers for you to take note before dumping your unwanted items:

Recycling Bins for Electronic Related Components and Items

Before dumping the items at disposal grounds, you may consider depositing the items at various recycling channels where the items can be recycled to save the environment.  Items that can be recycled are mainly electronic components related items such as labtops, computer desktop, deskjet or laser printers, etc.  Improper disposal of electronic components and electrical items can constitute to the environmental problems that we face today.  Here are some ideas for you to deposit the items:

  1. Starhub Renew Bins – you may dispose the items of any brand or type into these bins as these are provided with openings of 470mm X 120mm slot. The items are normally dismantled and shredded so that the sensitive information cannot be recovered.  Starhub has 235 of such bins located at 185 locations.
  2. SingTel Recycling Bins – offers the same purpose and recycling procedure as described above. SingTel has their recycling bins at 3 major points such as their main office at 31 Exeter Road, Singtel shops at Tampines Central and Jurong Point.
  3. Printers and Toner Cartridge Recycling Bins – such bins are available at all the public libraries in Singapore. Please empty the printer ink cartridge and toner cartridges before you deposit them into the bins.


Bulky Items Disposal – Old Furniture, Refrigerator, TVs, Big Display Lightbox and so on.

There are strict guidelines to be adhered to with regards to disposal of bulky items such as big sofa sets, bulky display lightbox or refrigerator.  Such items cannot be left outside the home or at public places such as void decks, rubbish collection bins or even next to rubbish trucks.  You would need to engage a mover to dispose the items on your behalf.  Such big bulky items need to be collected and transported to the designated dumping ground such as junkyards or incineration plants where the items are treated properly prior to disposing in safe manner.  If required, disposal service movers are given safety apparatus to ensure their safety is taken care of as required by the local authorities and their regulations.