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Bulk Disposal Service Singapore


Are you aware that it is illegal in Singapore to dump unwanted big bulky items in public places like the rubbish bin area, common corridor, lift landing, HDB void decks?  You would incur a fine should you violate them.   Our government has strict rules and regulations on dumping activities involving the disposal of unwanted furniture in prohibited common and public area.

In Singapore, under the Public Environmental Health Act (Section 20(I)), illegal waste dumping is a serious offence.  Therefore, offenders who are caught doing so will be liable to these following fines:

  1. First Conviction: $50,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or both. Vehicles can be confiscated.
  2. Second and subsequent conviction: $100,000 AND a MANDATORY imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months. Vehicles can be confiscated.

Therefore, how can you properly discard your junk without infringing on the local laws?

Remove and Dispose of Waste

We offer waste, bulk removal and furniture disposal services for both residential and commercial.  If it is residential disposal needs, these usually include bulky furniture, home appliances, residential waste, junks at your landed property, etc.    For commercial disposal needs, these are normally discarded or damaged office furniture, office documents, event booths destruction, construction debris removal, wood waste disposal, etc.

Should you require recycle bins for your office or skip tanks rental to remove general waste or bulky waste, we provide rental of recycle bins for such purpose as well.

Our team will do a preliminary assessment on the type, size and volume of items which you require for disposal.  The assessment serves to identify the specific requirements required for disposal before sending the items to the dumping ground.  We will take care to ensure that moving the bulky items will not cause damage to your premises.

As part of proper disposal procedure, we will collect the unwanted bulky items from your place and transport them to designated dumping ground which are approved by the government.  If required, we will have safety apparatus issued to our disposal service movers to ensure that we meet the safety guidelines defined by the regulatory authorities on proper handling of disposal items.

There is an associated disposal fee which is charged base on total weight of the junk items, plus manpower costs, transport cost and disposal charges imposed by the dumping sites.

We have experience in disposing big bulky junks such as pool table, lightbox, office partitions, Jacuzzis, beauty spa equipment, steam weight loss spa equipment, etc.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of items that we dispose:

Home Related Removals:
Big Sofa Set
Tables and Chairs
Dressing Table Dresser
TV Disposal
Exercise Treadmill Equipment
Bed Frame
Mattresses – Single, Twin, Queen Sized, King Sized
Cupboards and Drawers
Home Appliances – Big and Small
Display Wall unit
Washer & Dryer

Office Related Removals:
Filing Cabinet
Office Junk and Furniture
Office Partitions and Cubicles
Office Tables and Chairs
Electrical Appliances
Scrap Wood
Construction Building Materials
Pool Tables
Big lightboxes

Retail Treatment Shops Removals:
SPA Treatment Equipment


Secure Disposal Services for Sensitive Classified Documents

Lastly, our company provides secure disposal services.  We treat sensitive documents, classified documents or confidential media with care before disposal.  You may have sensitive old documentations or materials that may need to give way to newer current materials from time to time.  You do not know the best way of disposing them.  Company security is top priority as far as confidential documentations are concerned.   We provide bins for your daily documentation disposal requirements.   These can either be disposed conveniently at your premises if your company chooses to carry out the destruction process.  Or you can engage our services in disposing them.  We employ reliable tools in the purging process, making use of videos, photos and destruction certificates where required to bring about a secured destruction.

Let us help you to solve your headaches in getting rid of your bulky unwanted items from your premises.  Talk to us or drop us a note here.

At SG Fast Movers, we have various packages for standard bulk disposals designed to suit different client budgets.  In this way, you can manage and clear your junks fast and with no hassle.

Complete the inquiry form below so that our customer service team can advise you promptly with a quote.  Alternatively, feel free to speak with us via the hotline should you require further clarifications or have additional queries pertaining to your bulky waste disposal.